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Wendi's Works & Writings is a multi-faceted business, started in 2014, that focuses on happily offering people encouragement. This mission is accomplished through providing folks with family and value based books, written by Sue, a.k.a. Wendi Hartman.

You can also find many puppet friends for sale at Wendi's Works and Writings. We do have one stipulation for our furry friends...we only sell to GOOD HOMES! We're sure you could help us with that!

"What else do we do?" We provide author talks an Tupperware Fundraisers. So, if your organization is looking for a guest speaker, or a way to make a 40% profit in fundraising, please contact us! We would love to help. Also, make sure to check out our Living with Adrenal Insufficiency Blog. 


Sue Reinsnider

a.k.a. Wendi Hartman

Wendi's Works & Writings 

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Sue Reifsnider

Phone: 717-688-1772




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